In today’s world your business needs an online presence and here at Ramzteq we want to share 5 tings you need to know before creating a website.

  1. Research- You need to look at your competitors and have a feel on their online presence, this will also help you in deciding what you would like to see on your own website. Our advice is to find at least 3 websites that you like and share with your developers
  2. Logo- You need to have your brand logos in order, if you don’t have a logo, you need to design it first, as this will help your website team create a website that sticks to your brand identity.
  3. Images- Always have high quality images of your products, your team, website imagery, as this will make sure that your site looks and feels expensive
  4. Website Content- This will be the information you need the website to convey. Examples of this type of content is “About Us” “Our Team” etc.
  5. Aim- What do you need the site to do, Is the aim of your site to inform people that your business exists and encourage them to get in touch or Is it to sell your products online, Or to showcase creative work, this will help your developers design a site that is suited to your needs.

Remember our design team is on your side and are always ready to assist in any of these should you need help.

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